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Guangzhou Decheng Biotechnology Co.,LTD

Saliva Antigen Rapid Test Kit

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  Dochek was established in 2018, which has Complete platform for the R & D and manufacturing of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. As a manufacturer, we dedicated for the IVD Analyze equipment and IVD rapid test technology development, offering total solution of IVD Analyze equipment and IVD rapid test to global market.Specially, our brand “v-chek “rapid test is famous all over the world.

Our standardized 5,000-level clean workshops and 1,000-level laboratories,internationally advanced,packaging production lines, complete QC system, and automated production Line, not only it ensure the production capability,but also it provide a safe and hygienic environment for the production of products.

  QC of raw materials, including antigen, antibody, colloidal gold, NC membrane etc.All of our products are safety grade material ,compliant with European safe standards and can be detected by a third party. For example: EU CE certificate,ISO13485 Quality control system.

Our factory currently has over 350 workers and our office team of over 30 includes design, engineering, sales, shipping, finance, etc. For IVD Analyze equipment and IVD rapid test , we have been working with many brands. Our purpose is service to create value of health, providing high-quality products and services is our unremitting efforts to pursue.

Welcome to Dochek.

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